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Top Challenges in Enterprise Mobile App Development

By on January 25, 2016

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Many mobile application development companies work towards building customized applications for enterprises in the wake of concentrating on their processes and the need to present automation. These mobile applications are business forms based instead of other general applications found in application stores.

It is a significant challenge building customized applications for enterprises. A percentage of the basic challenges seen are:

  • Security
  • User Interface
  • Technology


Under security there are different viewpoints that should be considered while creating applications for enterprises. The principal viewpoint to be considered is employee validation. Executing a safe login technique is crucial. Many organizations require incorporation with their LDAP servers, for example, Active Directory servers. This makes it conceivable to enable single sign on and makes it advantageous for all employees to deal with their application logins and passwords. Another part of security is to empower server side validation. This will guarantee that the validations are done on the server and not on the customer which enormously enhances the application execution. The code and logic will always be steady and updated because it is specifically updated on the server. In conclusion, it is dependably a smart thought to use encryption for storing your information.

User interface Designs

When you are getting direct customers for your application, attractive and consideration getting UI’s make sense. When your application users are business users the usefulness of the interface beats the magnificence. This does not imply that bad looking interfaces will do. Style is all time needed and the first look should always be interesting if not stunning! Indeed, for big business applications usability precedes look. The accentuation is on making applications that are advantageous to use and instinctive for the employee as well. For example, we should use icons to signify about the button’s made for.

HTML 5 or Native Apps

Choosing the right technology for creating the application is a large portion of your job done. For enterprises there are uncommon contemplations. Technology wise, there are two ways to deal with making mobile applications one is web applications and the other is native applications. The applications built particularly for iOS for example, can be developed with objective C. These native applications can take absolute advantage the gadget hardware. Web applications then again can’t converse with the gadget hardware. So depending on the kind of features required, you can take a call whether web technologies or native applications should be developed.

Use of cross stage applications and hybrid applications makes this simpler for developers. The key is to analyse the requirements and the employee base to choose what technology will be used for business mobile application development.

Generally, enterprises are definitely moving towards a mobile future and developers need to beat every one of the difficulties to make applications that will make an overall impact on the effectiveness and productivity of enterprises both vast and little.

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