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Top 10 Most Android ‘Application Crazed’ Countries

By on March 26, 2016

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Taking after Google’s latest declaration that Android Market has achieved a big milestone – 10 billion downloads every month – the Internet web search tool giant likewise released a definite infographic that indicated how the world is being driven forward by Google power.

The No.1 Google application crazed country is South Korea. For a country which gloats of blasting quick Internet connection and is home to Samsung and LG, which make Android OS-based smartphones and tablets around the world, this rank is not all that astonishing. Close on its heels was Hong Kong (No.2) and Taiwan (No. 3).

In any case, where is US? With regards to Android applications, U.S. is positioned No. 4. Most likely this is on the grounds that the fever of Americans for applications is separated between Apple’s App Store and Google’s Android Market. By the way, the App Store achieved 15 billion downloads in July (up from 10 billion in January) yet Android Market is developing at a quicker pace – 10 billion in December, up from 3 billion in March and 6 billion in July.

Another intriguing truth is this – Among the countries in Europe, the UK, France or Germany where obvious by their nonappearance in the main 10 list. Singapore was No.5, trailed by Sweden (No.6), Israel (No.7), Denmark (No.8), Netherlands (No.9) and Norway (No.10). Different nations which were shockingly absent in the main 10 rundown were the two greatest cellular telephone markets – China and India. Maybe, with regards to downloading applications, Chinese and Indians are not that crazy.

Also, in case you’re wondering what types of applications were downloaded most, no prizes for speculating that it was games (25.6% of downloads). At a distant No.2 was regalement (12.2%), trailed by tools (11.17%), communication (6.45%) and efficiency (4.67%).

Google also shared some fascinating truths – for instance, the most mainstream time of Android application download ends up being Sunday 9:00 PM while the slightest well known time to download is Monday 4:00 AM.

To commend the record-breaking event, Google in the interim has revealed a huge number of new applications that incorporate Asphalt 6 HD, Color and Draw for Kids, Endomondo Sports Tracker Pro, Fieldrunners HD, Great Little War Game, Minecraft, Paper Camera, Sketchbook Mobile, Soundhound Infinity and Swiftkey X. They are accessible on Android Market for just 10 cents each, till December 16.

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