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The Main Steps to Make an App “User Friendly”

By on February 10, 2016

mobile app development

In this mobile app era, there is much competition for an app to get recognized. User-friendly is one of the strongest pillars for an app when users receive one with all respects. Great practices for mobile experience design are multiplying just about as fast as the smartphone themselves. But now, it comes down to the user experience. So at the danger of entering the fight, I am going to express my idea about what steps mobile app developers should follow to create a tremendous mobile experience.

What’s more, in light of the fact that I am always interested in suggesting to do good, here are some steps you should keep in mind when you are creating a user friendly app:

Need to know the Intent of Your Users

Mobile experiences are a component of a many factors, some to do with the application itself, others to do with the individual using the application and the context in which they are using it. When you’re travelling, sitting tight in line for coffee or simply gas filling at the gas service station, you can use mobile and its applications for different purposes. So it’s useful to recollect the information that you collected during that situation.

Good and attractive Presentation

There is just so much real estate you have on the screen; your application needs to use every last bit of it, yet not all that much – the trap is discovering the equalization. At that point once you think your format and outline is great, test it in the setting of a client on an appalling 3G association, outside and in a rush.

Intuitive User Experience

Your application must be sufficiently simple that you needn’t bother with a manual to make sense of it. It needs to just and obviously pass on its abilities. Most of the time, you just go to get a few moments to connect with any potential new users, if they can’t download, transparent out the application in the business break during the news, they’re no more. Additionally, they’ve had not a good experience, made a feeling and now are cautioning their contact circle about you’re bewildering application that it makes them look brilliant.

Great Design

This theme alone could fill libraries. According to Charles Eames, a renowned American designer, “Design is a plan for arranging elements in such a way as best to accomplish a particular purpose,” which is really clear, however I like the way Joe Sparano’s design plan, “Good design is obvious. Great design is transparent”.


Why this step is at the bottom of the list I don’t know, because of this is table stakes for a good experience in this field.

If your application is too complicated and moderate, nobody will like it. If it is as well “tappy” or tries to do everything on one screen, nobody will like it. Mobileusers are impatient to the point that if the screen doesn’t “paint” well then they won’t like it.

Speed is very mandatory for any app, and as important as whatever other in the application. The dependable guideline in mobile is, whether you can’t do it rapidly, don’t do it

Experiences in creating a mobile app is more art than science. The process wants a comprehensive view of users using mobile apps, more so than designing an app for the web or the mobile where the client feels great to sit in front of the screen. Users like app’s sensitivity to many different factors, according to these factors need to maintain the right balance.

In any case, beside the “best practices” and “common knowledge ” that is always of less price and very nice, maybe the most ideal approach to guarantee you are making an incredible mobile experience is to use the application yourself.

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