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Google recently launched two new smartphones – Pixel and Pixel XL, in this month 2016. Google Pixel is a smartphone device developed by Google which will run on Android 7.1 Nougat. The launch of Google pixel is expected to make a tremendous effect on Appleā€™s iPhone market. Both Pixel and Pixel XL have similar design […]

Now a days video calling has become an important aspect of every business meeting and connecting with family friends. To make video calling simpler and easier, Google has introduced a new Video calling app called Google Duo. What is Google Duo? Google Duo is one to one video calling app available for free for Android […]

According to World Health Organisation (WHO), India is facing 30%-35% of a blood deficit every year. Though India has over 1.2 billion population, it is still facing blood deficit. The problem is not lack of donors, but finding donor when required. Availing healthcare facility via mobile is a new perspective which aims to increase healthcare […]

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