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Which are best mobile apps to find blood donor at the right time?

By on August 25, 2016

According to World Health Organisation (WHO), India is facing 30%-35% of a blood deficit every year. Though India has over 1.2 billion population, it is still facing blood deficit. The problem is not lack of donors, but finding donor when required. Availing healthcare facility via mobile is a new perspective which aims to increase healthcare service. Increased use of smartphone has an impact on the rapid growth of healthcare. Many mobile application development companies India, USA, and UK have developed mobile apps for locating blood banks. Here is a list of blood donor mobile apps which will help you to find blood donor during emergency.
Best Blood bank mobile apps which you require during emergency

Top Blood donor mobile applications:

The team of five students of IIT Madras have developed Bloodline mobile app. This app enables us to connect blood donors. By using social media and location based services, donor can be found quickly. Bloodline will give you a list of those donors who are ready to help you at emergency time.

Blood donor
Blood donor is developed by Red Cross. This app helps donors track the blood has reached the hospital. Features like earning unique badges to proudly share your achievement via social media has made this application more popular.


Vindhu is a social blood donation app developed by Kudanai. This app provides features like getting the notification when someone needs blood, and also donor will be informed that when he can donate blood again. The app also gives information about blood history.

LifeBank allows recipient to connect donor directly. This app is developed by Popcorn Apps Inc. This app also helps to find nearby blood banks and hospital as well.

Blood Banking
Blood Banking app was developed by the Indian Red Cross Society. Its mission is to reserve blood and donate at the time of emergency. This app support Android, iOS, Windows, Blackberry platforms.

Tips while choosing blood bank mobile apps
App should have potential to work offline: This feature must be considered foremost because the user should be able to get required information from the app even without any internet connectivity. Offline mode in app helps even when we are in remote areas. Some apps rely on the internet but the app that works even offline will be a better choice.
Location independent:
Apps must work even in any location. Information regarding blood donor should be able to know in any part of the world. During emergency, recipients can receive donors’ info in any location.

Have a plan to develop Blood Bank Application?
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