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What About Cross Platform App Development?

By on February 25, 2016

In this era, which is ruled by smartphones, having a mobile application is an absolute necessity for the contemporary businesses. Maybe, this is the cause behind why there has been an awesome interest of development services at present. Companies are depending on cross platform mobile development services with a specific end goal to get a business mobile application which is perfect thereon over mobile platforms, be it an Android operating system or an iOS one.

But, is this Platform for App Development by a developer truly a perfect way to go for? On the other hand should a business go for native iOS or Android applications? We should make sense of!

Plus Points of Cross Platform Mobile Application Development


One of the best preferences of having a this strategy Mobile Application created is that it is financially savvy to construct a cross platform solution as opposed to building particular applications for different platforms.

Access to plugins
There are a few tools in the business sector that offer simple access to plugins. Such tools give common links to similar APIs, cameras, or location sensors, making it all the more valuable for you to have a cross platform mobile application for your business.

Fast Solution

Another essential advantage is that it is much speedier to create it than a native application for iOS, Android, or other such operating system. Only one code base is to be made for this platform mobile application, rather than making another code base for various native applications. Along these lines, by going for a cross mobile application for your business, you encounter much speedier and productive results.

Hindrances of Cross Platform Mobile Application Development

Not all that smooths user experience

The specific native iPhone and/or Android applications accompany specific screen formats, functions, and so on which are suitable for their respective operating systems. With cross platform mobile application development, giving a smooth and ideal user experience may turn out to be a challenging task.

Integration troubles

Integration with preferences, local settings, and notification applications is not that simple. In fact, the distinctive storage options that are required may also make it necessary to host a third- party cloud service.

No points of interest of native applications

Every single native application offers some interesting functionalities and flexibilities. In this way, when a cross platform application is developed, utilizing such exceptional features that are found in the native applications may not be conceivable.

Thus, it is on the right track to express that Cross Platform app development comes its own particular set of pros and cons. The businesses need to analyse these and take the most suitable choice for their mobile applications needs, when considering these choices.

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