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10 tips to Increase Concentration Power

By on August 16, 2016

1. Know what concentration is: “Concentration is making your brain engage off so many things and put it on one thing on a single time.” so try to do all those thing which will help to increase concentration.

2. First think what you need to concentrate on. From multiple points of view, you get to be what you concentrate on — that is, you tackle some of its characteristics. Have you ever seen how couples who have been married for a long time begin to resemble each other, or how people often come to look like their pets, their autos, their interests, or their work projects?

3. See other people during concentrating. Go for a movie having good story or action movie. During watching movie you see other people, what are they doing? Then you can see the people are absolutely still, eyes hardly blinking, and they breathing slower, only some major distraction can break their concentration. These physical sign will tell you about an example of concentration.

4. Avoid those things which disturb you like ignore those things that don’t need to be in your life. And skip out constant sensory input, trying to do more than one task at a time, surrounding noise, social media and entertainment make disturbance in your concentration. By staying in these disturbing elements it will cause to make you non attention which can be unbreakable.

5. Try to make a point to put your full concentration on whatever you are doing. Avoid those things which distract you. It really helps you to be peaceful and to increase concentration.

6. Make your brain peace. Deep concentration is necessary in your life and gives the intensity to win your goal, increase consciousness and cosmic energy. If you have this kind of energy then it is good for you. Scattered energy never help, it should be calm, focused energy. Learn to be sedately concentrated and be concentratly sedate.

7. You should learn the concentration tips and techniques to enhance and control your energy. Also regarding these kind of learning techniques you can find on Nitin Soni’s superpowerstudent.com or can learn from book of same title like how to concentrate on studies and how to plan for it. Controlling your energy is the first priority towards the ability to concentrate deeply.

8. Taking breaks during your work, and go outside give time to walk or some refreshments which increase your stamina to work for a long time. Concentration makes you able to achieve anything what you want, being more innovative.

9. You should learn how to meditate. Meditation is the most intense of all concentration enhancement techniques. Take in some simple meditation techniques and practice every day at least 5-10minutes, head stand also a good exercise to refresh your brain. If your brain is healthy then everything will happen nicely.

10. During meditation, watch your breath — don’t do anything about breathing simply observe on it. This teaches you to concentrate on one thing at a time. When you observe your breath it will slow down along with your mind. After that your mind will recharge and you feel increase concentration, and it will become more productive in your work.

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