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10 Tips to Improve Your Memory & Boost Brain Power

By on July 16, 2016

Have you ever observed that some people are able to remember even the most innumerable information details easily, and quickly perceive the new things, and you wished that you also could be like that? Well, you can learn easily, even very easily, but the thing is you have to follow the tips and techniques what we are going to tell about. You have to make your brain at its full potential and need to keep it active and acute. What can you do to sharpen your brain, learn how to improve memory power and how to learn new things very quickly? Check out the following tips:

Exercise and shake your body

1. Exercise and shake your body: Exercise is not just an exercise for the body only, it also helps internal body parts like brain, heart, kidney etc. Means, it definitely helps to increase memory power. Without regular exercise plaque begins to generate in your arteries and your blood vessels start to lose the ability to effectively pump blood. It decreases the amount of oxygen and nutrients that your blood supplies to your brain. When needed nutrients don’t reach to the brain, then it causes to have the problems in the functioning of the brain. To prevent this you have to go for walk and should do a few simple exercises it will help you to increase and maintain your mental sharpness. Walking, dancing, and swimming all are the activities good to increase memory power.

Lay off stressors

2. Lay off stressors and think about depression (if you have it): Anything that causes you stress, like anger and tension, will in time start to destroy the parts of your brain that will affect your memory power. Amongst the most harming stressors is depression, which is the major cause for memory loss, since its very basic symptoms is the lack of concentration. If you can’t concentrate on anything, then you will feel like you are constantly forgetting the things. Depression enhances the levels of cortisol in your blood circulatory system, which lifts the cortisol levels in the mind. Doctors got found that an excess of cortisol damages some part of the brain specially hippocampus, in this short term memory to be stored. If you are facing depression from long time, then it may destroy your brain’s ability to remember the thing for a long time. So you should discuss with specialist cure it – your brain will smile.

complete sleep at night

3. Get a complete rest at night and take naps: Sleep consistently 7 to 8 hours at night, by doing this it enhances your memory. When you are sleeping, the brain firms up memories that it has recently procured information. Getting enough sleep will help you to go through the full spectrum of nocturnal cycles which is important for optimal brain and body functioning. Sleeping throughout the day, mainly whenever you are learning something new, it can also help you to retain memories and recharge brain and make it sharper longer.

Write it down

4. Write it down: If you want to remember something, try to write down it can help to make it in your memory for a long time. If write something, then oxygenated blood flow in the brain, which is responsible for your memories, and this is the best exercise of your brain. For this purpose you can start writing diary, e-mails, blogs, etc… These kinds of activities will enhance your memory power.

Listen to music

5. Listen to music: Research tells that particular type of memory is very helpful to increase the memory power. Information that is found out while listening to a specific song or the same type of collection can often be remembered by thinking about the song or “playing” it mentally. Songs and music can serve as prompts for pulling up specific memories.

Feed your brain

6. Feed your brain: Our brain comprises 50 to 60 percent of weight because of pure fat, which is used to protect its billions of nerve cells. The better protected a cell is, the speedier it can send messages and the quicker you will think. This is absolutely why parents are forced to feed their children whole milk and to confine eating less – their brains’ need fat to nurture and work accurately. Skimping on fats can be terrifying even to the grown-up mind. Hence, having food with the proper mix of fats is good for long term memory like a fish (especially mackerel, wild salmon, and anchovies), green vegetables. Pan fried foods, clearly contain fat, and so eat quality, healthy foods and fats.

Visual ideas

7. Visual ideas: Keeping in mind something whatever you want to remember, So many people are studying to visualize the information. Try to think about photographs, charts, and some other pikto presentation that might appear on your notebook if you are not studying a book, then try to imagine in your mind and relate the particular information with something what you have remembered very well. It may also draw your own diagrams or figures, or use colors and highlighters to aggregate related thoughts in your notes.

Teach someone else

8. Teach someone else: Reading any information out loud has been shown to appreciable improvement in memory of the material. Growing further upon this thought is the fact that psychologists have found that by having students educate new ideas to others, it helps to improve understanding and easy to remember. Teach new ideas and concepts to your friends it will help you to polish your knowledge and will bring it in your mind for a long term.

crossword puzzles

9. Do crossword puzzles: Try to read, play chess or cards. Studies have proven that doing all these kind of activities everyday not only make active your brain, but also help to retard memory loss. So get the everyday newspaper and work on those crossword puzzles, read a book, or play a game of solitaire.

Have breakfast incorporates an egg

10. Have breakfast and ensure it incorporates an egg: Taking an egg is the perfect breakfast. Eggs contain B vitamins, which assist nerve cells to burn glucose, cancer prevention agents that secure neurons against harm, and omega-3 unsaturated fats that keep nerve cells terminating at the ideal speed. And add some other foods add to your breakfast like fruits, vegetables and proteins. Stay away from trans fats and high fructose corn syrup. Trans fats slow down the mind’s cells ability to communicate, and HFCS can shrink the brain by damaging cells. Having a healthy breakfast in the morning has been appeared to enhance performance for the whole day.

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