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Google recently launched two new smartphones – Pixel and Pixel XL, in this month 2016. Google Pixel is a smartphone device developed by Google which will run on Android 7.1 Nougat. The launch of Google pixel is expected to make a tremendous effect on Apple’s iPhone market. Both Pixel and Pixel XL have similar design […]

Android is the Google’s own open source operating system. Since 2008, it has turned into the most favoured other option to conventional operating systems especially in terms to mobile devices. This is the reason android mobile application development has ended up key to any business that might want to get saw, contact more customers, and […]

Now a days video calling has become an important aspect of every business meeting and connecting with family friends. To make video calling simpler and easier, Google has introduced a new Video calling app called Google Duo. What is Google Duo? Google Duo is one to one video calling app available for free for Android […]

According to World Health Organisation (WHO), India is facing 30%-35% of a blood deficit every year. Though India has over 1.2 billion population, it is still facing blood deficit. The problem is not lack of donors, but finding donor when required. Availing healthcare facility via mobile is a new perspective which aims to increase healthcare […]

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1. Know what concentration is: “Concentration is making your brain engage off so many things and put it on one thing on a single time.” so try to do all those thing which will help to increase concentration. 2. First think what you need to concentrate on. From multiple points of view, you get to […]

Nitin Soni – CEO and Author of SUPER POWER STUDENT. An Acclaimed motivational speaker, trainer and educator, Nitin Soni is a Chartered Accountant by profession and speaker & author by passion. He is the CEO & Founder of soniacademy.com and superpowerstudent.com You can see our videos to learn how to concentrate on study or your […]

More often than not there’s no mystery to success – it boils down to just putting in the hours and the sweat. Be that as it may, as we as a whole know, the difference between realizing what’s required and what is the real factor to motivate yourself. How would you cross that gorge? That […]

If you are having problem to remember anything, it could be because of a lack of sleep or various different reasons including genetics, level of physical activity, and also our lifestyle and environment matters. However, there is no doubt that our diet plays main role in the health of our brain, our healthy diet can […]

Have you ever observed that some people are able to remember even the most innumerable information details easily, and quickly perceive the new things, and you wished that you also could be like that? Well, you can learn easily, even very easily, but the thing is you have to follow the tips and techniques what […]

If we want to get success then we should increase concentration in our work, this is one of the most prominent powers one should have, to finish any job. Without any type of concentration, we would be quickly exchanging between various tasks and not accomplish anything effectively. If we learn how to concentrate on work […]

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